Sep 23, 2009

What Happened To This Project?

It lasted less than 3 months...
I discovered that the part of my mind that can write prose or stream-of-consciousness does not work while I am typing.
They simply don't go together.

I can, however, still write that way holding a pen/cil. I assume this is because typing has never come easily to me. Trying to do something that is physically and mentally challenging seems to short-circuit the creative part of my brain!

And I just didn't have the patience to write it all on paper and then type it out later (I'm a bit low on patience in general :).

I'm a bit sad about this because I think it's a really good project. I miss that flowing-writing part of my brain, miss having that in my life.

So I am going to try writing in a journal again. I may come on here once in a while to post the results.

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