Sep 9, 2010

Fight, Flight... or Freeze?

Lately I've been feeling more and more frustrated with my reaction to *possible* conflict (my response to actual conflict is even worse).
I avoid conflict like the plague - silencing my true voice any time I feel that speaking honestly could lead to conflict.  The limbic system in my brain misinterprets almost any level of threat as life-threatening - even a mildly heated discussion about politics!
My response is to freeze up, shut down and withdraw inside myself.  So frustrating!  I really want to change this about myself.  Journalling about it led to this bit of writing:

I am not the caged animal who tries frantically to escape.
Who fights tooth and nail no matter the odds.
Who, determined, chews off their own leg
to be free of a trap.

I have no Fight or Flight.

I am the deer who freezes when the lion approaches.

I am the one who lies down and waits to die.



I found an excellent article about this here: 

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