Nov 16, 2009

Early Morning Time

This early morning time
chilly and still
is a balm
for my spirit
I hear it
breathe in
breathe out
glad to be alive
quite seperate from
physical pains or worries

Some days we are gifted
my spirit and I
with sunrises
mere words are nothing
compared to the slow motion glory
unfurling across the canvas of the sky

When going through old boxes recently
an art journal page popped up
listing changes in my life
that would signify
a miracle had

near the top was:
waking up naturally before 9am

what was so foreign and impossible-feeling back then
is 'normal' now

The shifting
brought on
by this salt remedy
in my body

is profound

returning me to my balance
reuniting me with
my true flow
and the path to
my spirit home

which has always been within me
though I had lost my way

*note* the 'salt remedy' refers to my treatment with Nat. Mur. as a constitutional homeopathic remedy. 10.5 months of treatment now. Profound changes.

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