Jan 30, 2010

A Two Hawk Day

Today is a two hawk day.

Breast feathers puffed out
to soak up the sun
heat very welcome on this frigid morning.

Four brave squirrels share the tree
warmth more important
than hiding from predators.

After a time
the hawk's wings spread wide
and it glides away.

Mere seconds later
another swoops in
to take it's place!

Gifts like these
keep this country girl
sane in the city.

the photo is not mine - it's from photobucket.com
I decided to enjoy the view instead of running to get the camera - more 'in the moment'.


  1. Thanks for this Liberty!
    You posted a comment on my blog and I wanted to tell you of the movie The Living Matrix. I know you would enjoy it and it may lead you to another healing modality you would enjoy. Either the reconnection work, or the NES work.
    Thanks for reading my blog.
    Tim Hayes from ccandf.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you Tim! That movie looks very interesting and right up my alley :-)

  3. Liberty -

    first, thanks for your input on my blog this morning - appreciate it very much!

    second, so glad you didn't get the camera - the moment sounds like it was magic enough to last without a picture - thanks for sharing :)

  4. thanks so much Debbie!
    I feel like you totally understood (about being in the moment vs getting camera :)

  5. I want to Comment on "A Two Hawk Day".

    Oh! Oh! Oh! Thank you so much for writing that. It's wonderful. What a gift. I think I must write it on a special piece of paper & carry it in my purse, to read when I need help feeling 'alive & positive'. It will remind me of my butterfly day in which one landed on me & sat there (with brief times away) Three times!

    I like your idea of absorbing the event itself - capturing it in your mind!


  6. Thanks for commenting Katie.
    Your butterfly experience sounds truly wonderful.
    I hope you write THAT and carry it in your purse!
    Maybe that could help even more when you need that boost since it is something you went through yourself.
    If you do write about it, please feel free to share here. I'd love to read it :-)

  7. love the concept of a 'two hawk day'
    and also the intention to be in the moment rather than photographing the moment

  8. hi Kel,

    I'm really trying to do that more - 'be' in the moment instead of rushing for the camera!