Jan 19, 2009

Wisdom of Nature

Doves sitting calmly in the tree
tell me neither falcon nor hawk
are nearby

The wisdom of nature
even in the city

Watch for it

The animals, plants and trees
have not forgotten
the deep, primal truths

This feel to the air tells of snow,
this one of rain or drought.
No clocks are needed to know the 'time'...
the seasons unfold perfectly even in the absence of calendars.
A hundred little signs speak of changes to come.

Be aware.
Tune in.

What is nature saying today?

Gentle wind
grey skies
snow sifting, drifting softly down

A day for burrowing down
into nest or den
for fluffing up feathers
and conserving heat

Bigger flakes now
faster wind

A good time
for a warm drink.

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